╬čur relationship with Olive Oil

We acquired our first olive trees in 1997, thanks to our desire to engage with some manual labor as a hobby and to be able to harvest our own oil, for our yearly family needs.
From all olive farms available for sale, we chose the ones that touched our feelings, in our opinion the top selection criterion when talking about hobbies.

So, we found ourselves on hot summer afternoon in an olive grove in mid-west Greece, in Fokida prefecture, at the foot of the village Tolophon in today's municipality of Doris, in a valley with strong hot dry conditions, facing south, protected by hills from the north winds, with a stream running through its middle, carrying water during the winter.

We heard birds chirping, our presence even startled an owl which left its nest in the hollow of an olive tree, startled by our presence, while a whip snake hastened to climb and hide inside a dry stone wall in the boundaries of the estate, packed with wild bushes, and a turtle crawled on the dry grass looking for water. A place filled with life, we thought. And we liked it.

At the same moment, the bell of the main church of the village started to ring the time of day and, almost simultaneously, a travelling salesman was heard advertising his goods, as well as some women talking to one another from a distance, and some children crying while playing ball.

A place filled with life, that brings man and nature close together, we thought. And we loved it.

Filled with inner joy and emotions, we acquired our first olive field and our first beautiful experience with an olive grove.

Our first contact with olive oil was somewhat more difficult. We asked young and older farmers about the cultivation process, and bought textbooks on olive trees and olive oil, without getting any information at all about oil production, which we left entirely in the hands of the olive oil miller.

Then, for the first time, we realized that all olive trees do not produce fruit of the same type (edible - oil producing - wild) and of exactly the same quality, that olives are not of the same variety, but there are several varieties, each of which produces a different tasting product, whose gastronomic traits (aroma and taste) depend on the location and nature of the piece of the cultivated land. Then we realized that there is extra virgin, virgin and inferior olive oil. We even realized that there are natural enemies of olives and olive oil.

We ended up with a modern cultivating practice, which gave us good reason to spend our time well and to produce a high quality and abundant product. We loved the olive tree and its products and we acquired more trees.

Until, in 2000, we and our farming methods have been the cause of the death if a swallow, due to a formulation we used in accordance with all specifications and precautions to combat dakos, the common olive fly.

This is when our real acquaintance and relationship with the olive tree, its earth and its products began. We seriously considered how nature and man can coexist, with the perspective of survival, creation and growth, as well as a more balanced effect between the two.

We investigated our role, our perspectives and our lost self-esteem in older people, with memories of other very different times, in textbooks, experts and trends of a different philosophy. And we started traditional cultivation. We set new goals for production and packaging.

It has always been difficult, at the beginning, later and now, each time for different reasons.

But it was always beautiful and intentionally calm... With the certainty that we tried and are trying something good, in particular and in general. With these humble and time-enduring objectives, we called our olive oil "Aspilon", which is Greek for "without blemish, perfect".
We have increased our fields and the number of our trees.

In 2004, in our olive groves we established a small factory for packaging our olive oil.

Our choice: To distribute first class olive oil. "Aspilon".

Our thought: To produce and distribute the kind of olive oil that we ourselves would like to consume as well as every conscientious consumer.

We strive for quality not quantity.

Our goal-perfection!