Aspilon Bio Olive Oil Aspilon Bio Olive Oil

Olive oil Aspilon...

In Greek it means "without blemish, faultless, perfect."
Which can accurately describe our extra virgin olive oil.
“Aspilon” ... Try it!

Derived from "Aspilon" ... farms of local oil producing olives of the varieties Koroneiki and Local Olive Tree also known as Kouchoroelia, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, grown in a soil and climate ideal for olive cultivation, with absolute respect for nature and the environment, with an amateur's enthusiasm and a professional's expertise.

Aspilon” is collected and produced at the most appropriate time of year, using proper care and cold pressing process.

Aspilon” is unfiltered when offered for consumption.
Aspilon”... a Greek product...
Try "Aspilon" in all kinds of salads.
Try "Aspilon" in cooked or raw foods.
Try "Aspilon" in your oven-baked or grilled specialties.
Try "Aspilon" in your fryer.
Try "Aspilon" wherever you need to use a cooking fat.
Try a sip of crude Aspilon oil every morning before your breakfast.

The antioxidants, vitamins, polyunsaturated fats and all other beneficial substances in the oil and their positive effect on the human body is a wonderful touch of taste, health and life.

Aspillon Olive Oil
The packing
Olive oil harvesting
Olive oil productionw
Aspilon Olive Oil
The packing
Olive oil harvesting
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